Do not go to an acupuncturist who also practices voodoo #LessonLearned


In talks to contract the White House to walk back all my future statements

those who would censor art, literature, inquiry, expression, no matter their oh-so-noble cause, are enemies to us all

Went to write “homelessness” and instead wrote “homeliness.” Don’t you fret though, I can worry about two issues at once.

The tribes raped and murdered each other and those with no faction (and so enemies of all the various righteous), and they burned the city which they as one people had built together not long before.

He didn’t know the time or day, all the clocks were stopped.

He stumbled, shellshocked, through the now quiet smoking streets – row upon row of gray busted concrete, bricks, pipes, wire, and rebar. Muffled sobbing was the first human sound he heard.

He followed it to a woman kneeling in one exploded structure. He held out his hand. She looked up at him, wiped her face with one hand and with her other hand took his.

A man and a woman walked away from the ruins to begin again, as they had countless times before.

it’s terrible to see a friend, someone you once laughed with and maybe confided in, consumed by an ideology / especially an ideology whose devil is people like you