they quietly endured the abuse of rage-blind radicals, since they didn’t speak the radicals’ language – and in any case, surely someone, someone would see what it was, and make it right


I would never have predicted that treating individuals as individuals would become a subversive act

I was at an event in Washington DC in 2007. Across the room I saw a distinguished man decked from head to toe all in white. I thought to myself something like, “takes some balls to walk around in all white.”

I later learned the man was Tom Wolfe. That’s my Tom Wolfe story.

SJW – the new Church Biddy

Not quite as long ago as many of us might like, individuals who needed or desired to control others while gaining righteousness points could access the language of a rigid authoritarian Christianity.

Fortunately, conservative Christianity has largely been shoved to the side, and any wannabe morality policeman who enters a public space with that set of tools is likely to receive a much-deserved load of derision and scorn rather than assent and approbation.

Nowadays the individual in a secular society who desires to control others can’t wield Christianity, and it’d be largely ineffective in any case. Good thing for them they have the cannon and language of social justice.

Instead of things like “sinner,” or “atheist,” “fornicator,” or “harlot,” modern authoritarian prudes can wildly lob “privileged,” or “man,” “racist,” or “sexist,” at those they seek to dominate and silence. The language has changed but the game, the pursuit of petty power and status via the silencing and control of others, stays the same.

Phillip Marlowe – 1946- 25 dollars a day plus expenses
Jim Rockford – 1974- 200 dollars a day plus expenses

Please don’t recommend any books on Marxist theory to me until I finish The Gulag Archipelago to see how it all worked out.