Matt and Krystle’s wedding day

Matt and Krystle were married Wed morning at the Howard County courthouse. Katie and I drove over to Fayette for it. The Justice that performed the thing asked for a Best Man. My brother and I hadn’t talked about it previously but I stepped up. He was Best Man at my wedding so I guess it was the thing to do.

We went to Ernie’s Diner, a downtown Columbia mainstay, afterwards. There was no wedding dance so I then went out and bought a new used Chinese black Fender acoustic. It plays nice.

Picked up a case with the Washburn name across the top, I’ve never owned a Washburn.

The case is solid and the guitar fits it well. The previous owner of the case must have chain smoked right next to its soft carpeted interior, it smells like a late 70s Legion Hall.

I tried fumigating it with Nag Champa. Now it smells like a Legion Hall that was infiltrated by hippies.