Tomorrow is H’s last day of spring break, he and I are spending it together.

We have a loose itinerary. First there’s the sleeping late, which is one of my favorite things, right up there with staying up late.

H likes to eat at this disgusting Chinese buffet that we never go to because disgusting. I’m going to take us there for lunch.

He mentioned a week or two ago that he’d like to see where I work. He’s been there before but it’s been a few years, he probably doesn’t remember it. I’m going to take him on a tour after lunch.

After that it’s back home, probably some chilling with cartoons, then the entire nuclear unit: H, his little brother, Katie, and myself, will meet some friends to walk their dogs. It’s a nice visit, a chance to leisurely walk and talk, and the kids dig hanging with the dogs.

Finally it’ll be dinner, probably more cartoons, and then late to bed. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my oldest boy (yes, we spend a lot of time together but not often entire days of just he and I). He’s a good kid, compassionate, funny, and creative. A good companion for a day of fun.