A day with your 9 year old boy. He starts with cartoons in his jammies while you drink coffee, ok you’re watching cartoons too. Then there’s lunch at that place he likes and you know, it wasn’t really that bad this time.

A tour of your workplace, your coworkers telling him “Oh, last time I saw you, you were this tall.” Some of them have candy.

There’s that movie based on the video game, and he really enjoyed that goofy movie you hadn’t seen in decades.

Along with your wife and your other son now you meet up with some friends to walk their dogs, then eat pizza with your friends at your place while the boys play and listen to music.

A night capped off with The 3 year old boy in bed and your wife snoozing on the couch. With old metal videos on the TV, your oldest boy plays a light video game while you write.