Can’t Orthodox Jews activate their forcefields around themselves and everyone remain in their airplane seats? #eruv

A woman, who happens to be a retired Jewish lawyer who escaped the Nazis as a child, is suing El AL because she was asked to move seats on an airplane after an Ultra-orthodox Jew objected to sitting next to a woman.

I back her completely. This is 2016, we can’t take superstitions like ultra-orthodox Judaism seriously. Jews are welcome to take their bullshit seriously in their personal lives, and we should uphold their right to do so. But as soon as they walk into public, and demand that others bow to the demands of their ideology, they are out of fucking line.

And it could be any ideology, it could be Judaism or Nazism or Communism, or Feminism, or Christianity or Islam, anything that can be turned authoritarian, which might very well be any ideology. As soon as adherents enter a public sphere and demand that others bow to their demands they must not only be ignored, but driven back into their private bullshit world.

El Al is in an unenviable position. Nobody knows whose ass to kiss. Everyone is a fucking victim/bully and I’m quite sure their staff was just trying to get everyone into a kosher enough goddamn seat and get a plane off the ground.

The world is getting smaller and corporations are getting larger and different laws apply over tiny bits of ground. It’s time that superstitions/faiths/religions/identitarian ideologies get tossed out of the public square. The right of conscious of the individual shall be fiercely protected, and everyone else protected from everyone else’s individual ideological idiosyncrasies.