But the professor added an extra ingredient

The new “Powerpuff Girls” reboot is firing up tonight. My 9 year old man H is pretty stoked.

The new show really is a new show, a reboot. It has a different logo and different voice actors. I don’t know if any of the original crew is involved and if so how many. I’ll be interested to see the style changes, visually , though I expect that it will be much like the original in this aspect, and more so stylistically, in the storytelling. How will the ways our current world and current culture differ from that of the original series affect the girls, their supporting cast, and their stories?

We live in the Central Time Zone (CT) of the United States. The show airs at 6 PM Eastern which means it’ll be on at 5 PM our time. I usually leave my office at 5, or later, and pick up H at school then head home. But since he’s excited about this I’m going to leave work a little early and try to get him home near 5 to catch the kickoff. If we have to watch future episodes in reruns and on “On Demand” that’ll have to be okay.