fighting’ll wear you out

Ran into a pack of guys talking about a discussion one of them had with someone else about fighting. The claim had been made that fighting for 5 minutes, I guess boxing though maybe this discussion revolved around more mixed martial arts or something, wouldn’t be too draining.

The guy leading the conversation was asserting that one would be worn out after 5 minutes of nonstop fighting. I don’t often get involved uninvited in conversations but every once in awhile I have to jump in, apparently this was one of those times.

I backed him up, “are you all talking about endurance? I wrestled for a couple of years in high school and after 2 minutes of struggling with a guy the same size as you, you need a break.”

I wasn’t lying, and I wasn’t bullshitting either. If you engage in a sport like boxing or wrestling you are definitely tougher than I am now and I don’t doubt you’re tougher than I was as a teenager. But I bet you’ll back me up, that struggling with someone else for 2 or 3 minutes is nothing to be scoffed at. After that I was always ready for a break and if I’d continued onto 5 minutes I’d have been about done.

Wrestling is the toughest thing, physically, I’ve ever done. I played baseball every summer growing up and played a couple seasons of grade school basketball (shorts were short back in the early-mid 80s) and neither of them came anywhere near wrestling in the amount of effort required. Trained athletes make these things look easy, and with enough training they become easier and even second nature. But don’t let appearances fool, struggling with another’ll take a lot out of a person.