My eyes water for you

Went to an allergy clinic yesterday. I consulted with the nurse practitioner there, I didn’t do the big test to pinpoint my particular rogues list, I have an appointment to possibly get that done in 3 months.

The nurse practitioner was so nice and helpful I didn’t really know how to act. I’m so used to seeing doctors who don’t seem to want you there and don’t want to be there themselves, to engage with a person who seemed passionate, not to mention knowledgeable about her work was a little bit of a shock.

She gave me some tips for reducing exposure to possible culprits, dietary and environmental, as well as a couple of prescriptions, an antibiotic for a likely sinus infection, and the other for a type of eyedrop.

I’m going to continue to take zyrtec, which seems to help and add nasacort to my daily regimen. We’ll see what kind of difference all this makes. I don’t expect that these measures will keep up with everything forever, these things get worse as you age and as much as I might wish I’m an exception, I ain’t.

I’ve been saying for years that I should probably see an allergist. I’m so bad about putting this type of thing off. I’m not confident or skillful at dealing with health issues and professionals. Something that I’m sure will have to change.