Research before sharing is caring

News site you’ve never heard of publishing a big story about YOUR hometown? Read their “about” section. If nothing seems funny there check and see if any local news sites you trust are covering the same story.

Do this before you share the link or the raiju will come scratch you with its lightning claws. Or you will be accosted and antlered by a frightened peryton.

Do this or your family will cry with shame when your name is mentioned. When you see them next they will look upon you with the most hurtful pity.

Do this before sharing the link or I’ll be forced to make that face. The one where I raise my eyebrows and purse my lips (which is NOT the same as coin purse my lips…get with me after this and we’ll talk).

Do this before sharing the link or you will have to defend what you’ve done. And don’t use that sad old excuse “I knew all along.” They’ll know you didn’t and more scorn will be heaped upon your protesting form.

Do this before sharing the link.