‘scuse me, check out this timeline

H is doing a timeline project at school. The kids were tasked with picking a famous person, researching their life and career, and making a display of the main events.

He originally wanted to do a timeline on Akira Toriyama, the creator of “Dragon Ball Z” but his teacher vetoed Toriyama, declaring him not well known enough for this 3rd grade project (no offense anime fans). So my man Henry had to choose another figure.

Jimi Hendrix was born 27 November 1942 in Seattle Washington. He died 18 September 1970 in Kensington, London, aged 27, cause of death – drug overdose. He was a great Rock guitarist who played right handed guitars upside down and strung upside down, left-handed. He experimented with sounds not commonly used before him including electronic sounds and feedback.

H piped up at dinner, over his plate of Little Caesars, that he was doing a project on Jimi Hendrix. I’m proud he chose Hendrix (and not surprised that his first choice was the creator of “Dragon Ball Z, though I am surprised that he knew Toriyama’s name) since I’ve played Hendrix’s music for him (or at him) for years. So when he gets that groovy grade on his timeline a lot of credit shall naturally fall to me.