Sunday s’mores awakens

We got the meat thermometer and the smoke alarm, oh and the ice cream (H settled on Cookie Dough, which is one I highly approve of as well). Couldn’t find a funnel, will have to source that somewhere else.

There was talk of picking up “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” while we were at the Mall. H lobbied for spending $25 at Target for what I think is inferior cardboard, rather than plastic, packaged Blu Ray, so we could watch the movie tonight. He made a persuasive case, that the movie was awesome and it would be really great to watch it tonight, but I held fast and the order is into Amazon for the $20, what I think is the standard plastic packaged blu ray. It should arrive Wednesday, we’ll just have to stay strong until then.

It’s a grey ol’ day. Left the house for a walk and felt a couple drops. H joined me, a bit reluctantly. We talked a lot about Dragon Ball Z Kai, some about the neighborhood.

Katie did a Puerto Rican style meal. There was pork roast which hung out in a Dutch oven all day, fried plantains, rice and beans. She killed it. The only things missing were some Meddalla Light (which isn’t sold around here) and a few San Juan locals to join us.

The customary Sunday night chill out, have a snack, or beer, and watch a movie was interrupted by a ringing bell. Our neighbor’s grandson was at the front door to tell us they had a fire in the backyard pit and would we like to come over for s’mores. Well hell yes we would.

We headed next door to hang out with the neighbors and roast a few marshmallows. H shot some hoops with our neighbor’s grandson on their backyard concrete pad and goal and our 3 year old ran around the yard, kicked a ball with me, and swung on a tree swing. And we were back home in time for his bed.