an undisciplined shit looks at “Goal”

Google has introduced a new feature for Google Calendar:”goals.” You enter a goal you want to accomplish such as run a mile, engage in oral sex, read a novel, whatever, in the time period you’d like to do it, and your calendar finds time in your schedule.

This has piqued (he said haughtily) my interest. Because though by nature and design I am an undisciplined shit, if I program a piece of technology to yell at me sometimes I’ll do what it says.

At the beginning of 2015 I loaded a pedometer, “Accupedo” (write priest quips on a piece of your own scrap paper and deposit them in the trashcan as you leave) on my phone. It tells me I need to take 10,000 steps a day (it actually says this is MY goal, though it set it for me). It more or less accurately tracks my steps, praises me when I meet that goal and chastises me, unfortunately not in a husky English lady accent, when I miss the mark.

I don’t always hit the 10,000 step mark, indeed most months I don’t average 10,000 steps a day (weekends are my ass-sitting downfall), but I do walk a lot more because I have the app to follow and holler at me.

It will take time and attention to my Google Calendar to make this goal thing work, and the more attention given the more effective I expect it’ll be. But if it can help me, even in a haphazard fashion, retain some kind of focus that’ll be good enough for this undisciplined shit.