Do you have what it takes to be an artist? Draw these curtains and find out.

Much food was brought into the office today. I guess people have birthdays or something. Happy birthday or whatever.

Actually I didn’t put too much on my plate, the first time, or the second time really. And I had to walk from my desk to the food, back and forth, at least 15-25  steps or something.

I took 2 packages of cookies and 2 bags of little chocolate donuts (“the Donuts of Champions”), all lovingly purchased from the grocery store. I considered, for nearly a second, taking something a little healthier. Then I figured booze wasn’t allowed at this party so let the sugar be served and let there be plenty of it. And I saw every thing that I had purchased, and, behold, it was very good.

Later this afternoon I’m taking the eldest boy to meet up with my Dad so he can spend the night with his grandparents. The youngest son is already there. Both boys will stay tonight and we’ll pick them up tomorrow. Katie and I have all that time to ourselves. Our sheets were just washed, they could use a shake.

I’ll be off of social media for at least 5 minutes.

Thinking of a German place here in town we’ve never been to for dinner. Might hit a bar or 2 after. There’s beer and wine at home though too, and there’s no pants requirement at home either.

Note to self: draw curtains