The patio at Gunter Hans was busy last night. Katie and I had a couple of beers along with brats and pretzels (ain’t that more German than German?!).  We sat there a while among the old brick buildings under strings of lights.

We walked from there to Eastside Tavern. There weren’t too many there when we arrived but they were gearing up for a raging night of karaoke and the people filed in. Katie and I got a couple of 16 oz cans of Pabst and some Jager shots.

We looked through the DJ’s books, Katie decided on Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” I did “Take it Easy” by the Eagles, in honor of Eastside’s heavy metal style. Both of our songs were huge hits, triumphs  of musical performance really.

I picked up the boys at their grandparents’ early this afternoon. We came back to town and then headed to a 2 year olds’ birthday party. A lot of our friends that we don’t see as often as we should, were there, my brother too. The party was Marvel “Avengers” themed and it was a fine day out. The kids played on the swings and in the sandbox. Us old people sat around talking.

We’ve got our usual Saturday night thing going. H and I are watching “King Kong vs Godzilla” on Svengoolie, after that there’ll be anime, Katie is working on a project for work. Little A is upstairs asleep, he was a tired little man after a big day of play at Grandma and PaPa’s and then the birthday party.

Now to see which monster, King Kong or Godzilla, is victorious.