I am working on some decisions. I’m looking at what I’m going to be focusing on in the future and what I need to quit. I’ve already decided to step away from one activity that takes some time and focus and am seriously thinking about at least one more.

Part of this decision making process is looking at myself, and what I do, and asking myself what I stand for, what I enjoy, what I want, and what I can have. None of us can do everything. It sounds so obvious but it’s easily forgotten.

I was asked to be on a local radio program this coming Monday to talk about atheists and atheism. I said yes and am looking forward to it, there is a history with one of the hosts which makes this more than the usual radio invite. I am very conscious of what I say when making media appearance or talking to reporters, this might be a case of making doubly sure that I keep my head about me.

Movie night tonight at my brother and sister-in-law’s place. They have a projector and they shoot the movies up on a sheet they hang on the side of the house. We sit on the patio, have drinks and snacks (or piles of snacks), and enjoy each other’s company. I think there’s going to be a bonfire tonight too. Fire pretty.