Took a pretty good walk today through the neighborhood, it’s a nice day so it’s a good day for it. Managed to break a sweat, first one of the season, Summer is coming. Soon I’ll be sweaty 24/7.

There was a sweet old Ford pickup parked on the top of one of the neighborhood hills. It was an off-white cream color, late 60s or maybe early 70s, beautifully maintained and/or restored. A couple of bags of mulch lay in the bed.

It’d be a nice one to ride around in on a sunny afternoon with the windows down. I learned a hard lesson decades ago about old vehicles though: a nice one to ride around in on a sunny afternoon with the windows down is a horrible one to look out the window at and wonder why it isn’t running and what it’ll take to get it going again.

It’s now late afternoon. H is out in the sunroom watching a Scooby Doo movie, lil’ A is upstairs taking a much needed nap, and Katie is working on a piece of professional writing. I’m in the basement with the light of a laptop, a little table lamp, and a couple of Blatz beer signs. Other than a stray sound now and again from upstairs there’s only the ticking of the personalized gift clock I received one year from my employer.

Tonight is Saturday so we’ll be horror movie and anime-ing. I think here in just a few minutes it’ll be time for a beer-ing, maybe right after I hit publish. Bye.