The kite was way up there, higher than I expected.

H and I were kicking a soccer ball around in my parents’ front yard. I’d taken over the soccer play from my Dad, who’d taken over for my Mom. H was at the south end of the house and could see Katie and lil A back behind the house near the shed. Katie yelled to H to ask if he wanted to help fly the kite.

After H beat me at his soccer type game he’d put together (you got a point if you kicked it past the tree the other player was guarding), he ran back towards the fields behind the house. I followed.

I rounded the corner to see H standing on the propane tank looking up towards the trees. There above the trees fluttered the red kite. It was a $6 model picked up at a Wal Mart. It had an artist’s color rendering of the Red Baron’s plane on the underneath. 2 long black tails fluttered behind the rows of black iron crosses on each of the 3 wings pictured.

A stood by Katie, holding the string. They were flying it together. I walked back toward them, H jumped down off the gas tank and headed back there too.

We stood there for a long while watching the kite. It was a pleasant and windy spring day, perfect for kite flying. H took over for Katie and quickly picked up on when to reel string in or let it out, and how to steer the kite to keep it aloft.

After awhile A decided to play in PaPa’s truck, then when Dad came out by the water hydrant, he ran to play with the water hose with his PaPa. H ran around some and climbed back on the gas tank. When A headed toward the house and told me he was going back inside I followed him. Katie stayed outside, flying her Red Baron kite.