rambling / 25 Apr 2016

My anti-theism was born out of an innate anti-authoritarianism and the 2 really can’t be separated. Basically I’m anti-theism because I’m anti-slavery. I know atheists who subscribe to authoritarian political or cultural ideologies and it boggles my mind, especially if they were ever involved in religion. Why on Earth they would ditch one master to turn around and kneel down to another is confusing to say the least.

I’m virulently anti-dogma. If a proposition must be believed for no other reason than that it must be believed, or we all just believe it, then I’m opposed. Religious, Political, down to what kind of music is best, to which burger is really the only one in town, if it’s just what must be believed then it’s out.

Anyone who is fine with violence in support of their ideas is a thug and their ideas don’t deserve further consideration.

The idea that you get back from the universe what you give is a load of shit. What it leads to is people blaming themselves and others blaming them for their own misfortune whether or not they had any hand in it. What you end up with is a new age believer dying of some illness while her friends accuse her of causing it through some lack of positivity. It’s the whole belief in sin, which is another load of shit, just dressed up in hippy clothes.