Lots going on these days. Changing things around, winding down old projects, winding up (or at least contemplating winding up) new ones. This all sounds a lot sexier than it feels and I’m certain it sounds a lot sexier than it looks.

Sometimes it’s just a word from a friend, or an unrelated event that convinces you to go ahead and do what you had considered doing once, twice, or a million times before. Doing some of the things I’m doing might be a little jarring, even painful, but I think I’ll be glad they were done AFTER they’re done.

I have to do something this evening that I’m not looking forward to. I didn’t make the decision on my own to do it, indeed it wasn’t my idea (though I think it’s a good one), and I won’t be doing it alone. It’s not going to be pleasant, though it needn’t be nasty, we’ll see how it goes. It’s good though that more than one person will be working on it.

This post is vague, I apologize but it can’t, okay won’t be helped. I don’t like talking about things before I do them, in case they don’t get done.