I want a British horror film from the late 60s -early 70s that features a drug filled orgy scene, a temple collapsing on a dude, old priests, the Greek countryside, and a sexy vampire. I want “Bloodsuckers.”

“Bloodsuckers,” also known as “Incense for the Damned,” stars Patrick Macnee, maybe best known from his role in the British TV show “The Avengers” and Peter Cushing best known as Peter Cushing Badass Extraordinaire. It also stars Johnny Sekka, Madeleine Hinde, and Imogen Hassall among others.

Reeking of the supercool period in which it was produced, or rather pasted together, it features plenty of steam and blood. And while I watched it in a dark basement during the middle of the day it’d be a fun movie for a dark basement late at night.

Besides watching old British horror films I spent yesterday thinking about things happening in the secular community, locally and nationally. I thought about what I want to do and what I plan to do next.

When things get heavy my first instinct is to crawl into my hidey hole and wall myself in. But I spoke with a friend that I trust and respect and was reminded that a person needs that now and again.

I walked to pick up Henry from school. It was a cool day with a light breeze, perfect for a walk, and for watching British horror flicks. One of Henry’s Adventure Club teachers had bandaged his hand up over one of his ever present monkey-bars blisters. We talked, only half joking, about getting him some bicycle gloves for his monkey-barring, if he’d wear them.