I dropped lil A off at daycare/preschool this morning. His Mom usually drops him off, his school being near her work, and I drop off the oldest boy H at his school which is nearer our home and my workplace.

A week or two ago Katie’s car’s dashboard lights started warning us about the brakes, the steering, localized warfare in a rural area on some other continent, and the apocalypse. Katie had an appointment this morning to get it looked at so I took lil’ A to school.

I remembered which building he belonged in but there are two classes in there, but they are usually all in one big room in the morning, but he switched from one to the other at some point, and there are two doors but it doesn’t matter if you pick the wrong one because you can hear the kids playing and yelling and you can walk on down the hall to where you’re supposed to be. And so as usual we didn’t take the direct route but we got where we were supposed to go.

Lil’ A gave me a huge hug, two huge hugs in fact, and wouldn’t let go until a teacher volunteered to watch out the window with him and wave to me as I left. That is usually the way it goes when I drop him off. I’ve had other teachers tell me that clinging behavior is common when little one’s routines are shaken up, for instance when a different person who takes them to school and picks them up.  Like so many behaviors I don’t know where it comes from or what it means.