Another visitation tonight. More people that I went to school with losing a parent. I remember the years where every summer a bunch of people I knew got married. Then I remember the time where, for awhile it seemed I kept hearing of separations and divorces. Now its parents dying.

The next wave I guess is the inevitable. There have been a few already. Of course a few didn’t make it out of high school, a few more out of their 20s. Since then its been a trickle. It’ll be weird when it really starts hitting.

Or maybe it won’t. I haven’t been witness to outrageous horrors. I haven’t witnessed a war or a genocide or any momentous natural catastrophes up close. But I’ve thought about death a lot since I was pretty young. There are others no doubt who’ve thought about it more than me but still I might have thought about it more than one should. And I’ve no idea how much one should. And who would decide how much is too much? A board of psychiatrists? The necromancy guild? The Surgeon General?

I don’t like funerals. It’s not the whole death thing as much as the clergy. Their schtick is horrible and worse, boring. I don’t care for weddings for the same reason. The droning of the pastor (or whatever this one titles him or herself) is, if not insulting then insufferable. So I usually go to the visitation.

But I went to a visitation a couple of weeks ago and now there’s another one tonight.