“There was no driver in the car”

A couple days ago my latest order from Amazon showed up in our hot little mailbox. Included was a package of the razor blades I use with my safety razor and a DVD. The movie contained upon the hallowed disk? 1977’s “The Car.”

I first saw The Car a few years ago on Netflix. It fell off Netflix not long after and I was left only with memories, and the trailer which can be watched on YouTube.

I was prompted to finally order the movie when horror host Svengoolie featured it on last Saturday night’s show. Here I’ve been The Car-less for years and for the low low price of 10 US bucks I own the disk and can watch it whenever I damn well please.

What evil drove me to possess this film? I won’t argue too much some of the film’s shortcomings. If you are the type who can’t get past the idea of a killer car going about killing people in killer car fashion then this movie probably isn’t your cup of, dare I say, 10W-30.

But if you dig some suspense in a story that’s well paced or you like your horror movies not covered in blood and gore (in this case for the most part bereft of both) The Car might be right up your alley.