There’ll be a bounce house.

H would live in a bounce house if I could make that happen for him. I don’t know if it’s possible to live in a bounce house, your muscles or organs would surely revolt at some point. But H would try if we gave him the chance.

The Bounce House or maybe houses, will be at a PTA Picnic event at H’s school this evening. Today was Grandparent’s Day so my Mom and Dad came up for that and are spending the afternoon with their 3rd grade grandson. This evening families can head to the school grounds and set up lawn chairs, eat food they brought (reminder: pick up food, and lawn chairs, and things to eat the food with), and play games, I’m sure there’ll be face paint (with the standard 86 hour line), and I’m told a bounce house.

My Dad told me that there might be ice cream in there too, maybe a visit to a park, I’m sure H is having an OK time of it. His Grandparents do alright by him, they’ll be joining us at the picnic (reminder: get enough food for everyone, and lawn chairs, and enough things for everyone to eat their food with) and it’s a good day for it.