Spring Rolls, some other Chinese style dishes. Which ones? Hell I don’t know. We’re supposed to eat over at Matt’s about 1:30 or 2:00. Mom and Dad’ll be there. I’ll try to pick up something to take to complement the planned menu, don’t know what yet.

It’s Derby Day, maybe we should drink some whiskey, read some Thompson, a ritual reading for the holiday, the first piece of Gonzo: Decadent and Depraved.

Maybe we should make Mint Juleps. They’re just simple syrup, mint, ice, and whiskey, sure there are different recipes but that’s the basics. In any case we’ll have to have some beer, some American Lager (adjunct as it’s lovingly referred to by the ones who know the beer), a few green bottled pilsners too. We could hang out, sit on the porch with beer and a cocktail or two, don’t know if that’ll work into the plans today or not.

If we end up there into the evening that’ll be nice, if not it’s our usual horror flick and anime night, that’s cool too.