I generally have liberal opinions on economic and social issues. I think there should be a social safety net (there can be disagreements about what that entails). I am in favor of public education and programs to assist the disadvantaged. I think our society is wealthy enough that nobody should be hungry or desperate due to sickness.

I hold these stances in spite of many others who do. Because self proclaimed liberals can be the most sanctimonious, morally superior, self righteous, authoritarian, censorious, politically correct, whiny baby bitches in the fucking world. Sometimes listening to a liberal go on about some evil in the world one could be forgiven for thinking they’re listening to some churchy social conservative.

If a group of libertarians and a group of liberals both called me up and asked me to go for drinks at the same time, on nothing other than the knowledge of their politics, I’d go with the libertarians. We could argue about politics and probably no minds would change, but we could also talk about anything else and I wouldn’t have to worry so much about one of them getting all butthurt over the wrong word or phrase or going on some superior rant about some earth shattering injustice that the rest of us have never fucking heard of.

Now there are cunts in every group and I’m sure libertarians are no different. And I am admittedly ignorant of libertarian groups and culture, so I could be way off base here. But I’m betting at the end of the night, if most of the night was focused on anything other than politics, I’d enjoy the libertarian night and regret the liberal night, hangovers aside.