Kenny was energetic and outgoing last night when we stepped out of our car and met him on the sidewalk. He’s always energetic and outgoing, but I think he might have been a little more of both last night. Kenny is the long time bartender, he told me almost 14 years, at our “home bar,” McNally’s.

Kenny’s last day at McNally’s is Friday. He’s planning to spend the summer at least hanging out with his young son (also a Kenny) and working around the house. So if Kenny was a little more energetic and maybe a little more joyful last night he had good reason.

I used to go to McNally’s at least once or twice a month. Since we’ve had kids and life (that old cliche) has changed we’ve gone less and less. Now we’re probably doing well to pop in every two or three months. These days we take the kids with us and order a big pizza (Wise Guys Pizza is excellent and it’s in the same building) and a couple of beers. There’s not as much yelling and there’s a lot more time between drink orders than there used to be.

We’ll keep going to our bar even though Kenny won’t be behind it anymore. I hope things go well for him and we all live close so maybe we’ll see him around.