The power that can be used to silence your opponent can and likely will be used to silence you  #FreeSpeech



And now I’m excited to watch the old Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cartoon again.

I grew up in rural central Missouri and grew into a nonbeliever on my own, not knowing any other atheists. As a consequence, I kept it generally hidden for many years. 

Starting in 2009 I volunteered as a State Director and then National Field Director for American Atheists, I stepped down last year. One of my favorite things as a rep for a national atheist organization was receiving emails and sometimes a phone calls from isolated rural or small town atheists. I felt as though those were my people and I tried to spend as much effort and time with them as I could.

“Islamophobia” – a bullshit term ginned up, or jinned up, to deflect criticism and demonize critics of a backward, authoritarian, power-crazed superstitious ideology. 

Nobody deserves to be pilloried, called hateful names and slurred. But Trans-Activists viciously attacking Radical Feminists for stating that men are not women is, while out of line more than a little entertaining. The Radical Feminists don’t deserve it but countless people and our entire culture didn’t and don’t deserve the shit Rad Fems have been flinging for years. You get what you give in this instance.